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Wickedly Welsh Bryn The Dragon Easter Egg Review

Disclosure: Wickedly Welsh kindly sent me a Bryn the Dragon Easter Egg free of charge for the purposes of a review. Wickedly Welsh had no influence over the content on this page. My opinions are my own. This article may contain affiliate links (identified by a ° symbol). These financially support this website - and our chocolate research - at no extra cost to you. Find out more.

Rural Pembrokeshire is the birthplace of actors Christian Bale and Rhys Ifans, and musician Gruff Rhys, but it's also the birthplace of a tiny dragon called Bryn.

Nestled in the market town of Haverfordwest is Wickedly Welsh, a chocolatier specialising in chocolate bars, Welsh chocolate souvenirs, and chocolate gift hampers. The factory is also home to a chocolate café that I visited a few years ago, famed for its hot chocolate of course!

The thriving business also produces seasonal items, and this Easter, they are nurturing dragon eggs. That's right, dragon eggs! Tales tell of Wickedly Welsh being entrusted with "the last real life Dragon Egg which, for millennia, [was] buried deep in a Welsh hillside." In 2021, chocolatiers developed Wickedly Welsh's first dragon Easter egg, and due to its success, it's back again this year.

Wickedly Welsh kindly sent me one of these mysterious eggs to marvel at Bryn, the very real Welsh chocolate dragon.


The outer card box is available in a lucky dip choice of lime green, bright yellow or lilac purple, so you might receive any of these three colours. My egg arrived in a lilac box, with a Wickedly Welsh logo sticker on the front that wraps over the box seal, continuing to an ingredients list on the reverse.

The box features a plastic egg-shaped cut-out, so you can peek at the chocolate Easter Egg inside. There's no plastic within the box (aside from the window) as the egg sits in a small white card stand.

Wickedly Welsh Bryn The Dragon Easter Egg Review
Bryn the Dragon Egg arrives in a random choice of three box colours

Wickedly Welsh Bryn The Dragon Easter Egg ingredients:
Milk chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cocoa mass, emulsifiers (soya lecithin), natural vanilla flavouring), white chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cocoa mass, emulsifiers (soya lecithin), natural vanilla flavouring), caramel (glucose syrup, sweetened condensed skimmed milk, coconut oil, emulsifiers (mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids), natural flavourings, Halen Mon sea salt), colours (E155, E171). Cocoa solids: 33.6% minimum (milk chocolate); 28% minimum (white chocolate). Milk solids: 21.8% minimum (milk chocolate); 23% minimum (white chocolate).

There's around 54% sugars in this product. It's produced in a facility that handles nut ingredients so there might be traces of nuts in this chocolate.

Wickedly Welsh Bryn The Dragon Easter Egg Review

This isn't a giant Easter egg by any means. In fact, it's smaller than many, measuring just 9cm in height. However, this weighty beast tips the scales at an impressive 180g. That makes this small egg quite heavy for its size, but there's good reason for that. Half of it is hollow, while the remainder is filled with solid milk chocolate.

Wickedly Welsh Bryn The Dragon Easter Egg
The shimmer-dusted milk chocolate egg

For this reason, the egg is unevenly weighted, so the hollow shell naturally wants to face upwards when placed on a table. This makes revealing Bryn considerably easier.

Curiously, the two halves of the Egg don't line up perfectly, The hollow half is marginally wider than the filled half, so, if you're in doubt, ensure the slightly wider section faces upwards.

Wickedly Welsh Bryn The Dragon Easter Egg Halves
The two halves of the Dragon Easter egg

To get a glimpse of Bryn, you'll need to smash the hollow half of the shimmer-dusted milk chocolate Easter egg. This bit is fun, and is definitely crafted with children in mind. Armed with a large spoon, I cracked the egg as if it were a soft boiled egg. A few taps later and I was through, revealing Bryn the Dragon, cast in white chocolate and finished with gold shimmer. The legendary baby dragon is snuggled up, fast asleep, with crossed arms.

The hollow shell has a thickness of a few millimetres, similar to most 'normal' Easter eggs. The sweet and creamy Belgian milk chocolate has a classic flavour to it, with general cocoa vibes and just a hint of vanilla and caramel.

Where things depart from the usual affair is in the second half. It's solid milk chocolate and the stuff of my eight-year-old's dreams. There's a salted caramel truffle hidden inside, guarded by the Bryn the Dragon white chocolate figurine, which I managed to hit first time as I carved my way into the block.

Inside Wickedly Welsh's Bryn The Dragon Easter Egg
Inside the solid milk chocolate base

The sweet and creamy solid milk chocolate is the same as the shell, so you get more of the general cocoa flavour together with just a hint of vanilla and caramel notes. More sweet vanilla notes comes through as you heartlessly chomp your way through baby Bryn, you animal!

The caramel truffle - designed to be a magical pearl under the protection of mighty Bryn the Dragon - is almost lost in a sea of milk chocolate. The caramel itself is very sweet and is masked by heaps of vanilla flavour.

I had hoped for a darker, richer, deeper caramel flavour to better pair with the sweet milk chocolate, and more of it too. Filling half an egg entirely with gooey salted caramel might have been too much, but either incorporating more truffles, or a shallow pool of caramel inside a very thick milk chocolate shell would help deliver more caramel impact.

But that's the opinion of an adult. Viewing this egg through the eyes of a child, it's awesome. A chance discovery of a mythical creature, half an egg of solid milk chocolate, and a dollop of lightly golden caramel hidden in the middle. What's not to love?

Portioning up and eating the egg can be a bit of a challenge. If you've got sensitive teeth then you'll want to warm up a sharp knife and carefully slice the egg into manageable chunks. Alternatively, let your kids loose on this and watch them skilfully demolish the solid chocolate in the blink of an eye!

If you're planning a trip to your local supermarket to buy your kids some mass-produced Easter eggs this year, consider giving baby Bryn the Dragon a new home. Not only is it more fun and interactive than a regular Easter egg, it's more impactful, fun, and memorable. It's well-priced too, plus it helps support a small Welsh chocolate business.

Wickedly Welsh Bryn The Dragon Easter Egg Review

RRP: £8.99 | Wickedly Welsh | Shop now

Crafted with children in mind, this fun and interactive Easter egg fuses together sweet milk chocolate with Welsh legend. Kids will love smashing the egg to reveal Bryn the Dragon almost as much as getting their teeth around a huge block of solid milk chocolate. Plus, you're supporting a small Welsh business when you buy this dragon Easter egg.

Score: 4

Where to Buy Online

Bryn the Dragon Easter Egg is available on the Wickedly Welsh website here at £8.99 for a weighty 180g of milk chocolate, white chocolate and caramel.

You'll also find a range of other chocolate products on their website, including Welsh dragon chocolate bars, Welsh map bars, and chocolate Welsh love spoons.

Tell Wickedly Welsh You Saw It On!

Please mention in your order notes when you place an order with Wickedly Welsh online. It means the world to me, and lets Wickedly Welsh know helped you decide to make a purchase today. Thank you for your support

Regular Easter egg or a chocolate dragon egg - which would you rather the Easter bunny leaves you this year? Let me know in a comment below.

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