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[Beta] Where’s My Local Chocolate Shop?

I've searched 638 chocolate makers, chocolatiers and chocolate shops across 860 locations in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales, as well as the Isle of Man, Jersey, Guernsey, and Gibraltar.

Here's my chocolate blogger's guide to chocolate shops near you in the UK. I've also included the Isle of Man, Guernsey, Jersey, and Gibraltar for good measure too. Using your device's location (or a location from the list), I can instantly tell you how close you are to your local chocolate shop or chocolate website right now!

This tool is currently in beta mode, meaning it might have small bugs and quirks. If you spot anything that doesn't look or work right, please let me know.

Fancy a map of chocolate Britain instead? I've built one of those too.

I've excluded supermarkets and franchise stores from this list. I urge you to support your local chocolate makers as many of them are crafting superb quality chocolate treats and gifts. I've listed bean to bar chocolate makers seperately. If you are a real chocolate fan, try a chocolate bar from your local craft chocolate maker and you'll be blown away by how different it tastes compared to mass-produced chocolate. I've also listed national chocolate chains seperately, and have defined a chain as a business that has at least two stores.

Run a chocolate shop in the UK but missing from my list? Please get in touch as I'd love to add you to my growing list.

Your privacy is important to me, and your proximity to chocolate is calculated locally in your current browser. Distance mileage and your IP address are both saved for analytical and improvement purposes but your geo-location (longitude and latitude) is not sent to, nor stored by, this website.

Disclaimer: Distances in this calculator are approximate and are listed as the crow flies (you know, the fastest way to get to chocolate). Online shops are normally open to place orders 24/7, subject to availability. For physical shops, check store opening hours before travelling to avoid disappointment.

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