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Bean-To-Bar Chocolates

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All chocolate is transformed from cacao beans to chocolate bars, so all chocolate is bean-to-bar chocolate, right? Wrong.

Bean-to-bar chocolate describes the single-origin products that artisan chocolate makers craft from scratch. They deal with everything in their own chocolate making process. It starts with ethically sourcing rare, prized, or exquisite cacao varieties from around the world, often paying a premium over and above the global market values. These expert chocolate makers then sort, roast, crack, winnow, refine, conch, age, and temper their chocolate before finally moulding it into bars. They control the entire process from start to finish. Recipes are often just a few simple ingredients to allow the full flavour of the cacao to reveal itself.

It’s a labour-intensive process that fairly rewards the cacao farmers and treats you to a chocolate flavour like no other. When done correctly, you’ll be able to taste the intricacies of the cacao crop in its purest form. It’s a sensory experience that demands the attention of all your senses.

Here you’ll find news and reviews that discuss artisan bean-to-bar craft chocolate makers of all shapes and sizes. On thing they all share is an abundance of passion for crafting sublime chocolate while caring for the farmers and their families that work so hard to supply them with their premium crop.