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National, International & World Chocolate Days 2023 / 2024

There's a national day for pretty much anything you can think of. In the life of a foodie, these events normally mean a Twitter feed full of mouthwatering photos. As a chocolate lover, I'm interested in the sweeter side of these celebrations. And I mistakenly thought there was just a couple of chocolatey themed events in the foodie calendar of national and international events. Boy was I wrong!

I made this list of key calendar dates for all chocoholics using data from a variety of sources. Whip out your diary and jot these down posthaste!

Wednesday 3rd January 2024National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day
Wednesday 10th January 2024National Bittersweet Chocolate Day
Friday 12th January 2024Marzipan Day
Monday 22nd January 2024Chocolate Blondie Day
Saturday 27th January 2024National Chocolate Cake Day
Wednesday 31st January 2024National Hot Chocolate Day
Wednesday 31st January 2024World Vegan Chocolate Day
Monday 5th February 2024Chocolate Fondue Day
Monday 5th February 2024World Nutella Day
Sunday 11th February 2024Peppermint Patty Day
Wednesday 14th February 2024Cream Filled Chocolates Day
Wednesday 14th February 2024Valentine's Day
Monday 19th February 2024National Chocolate Mint Day
Sunday 25th February 2024National Chocolate Covered Nut Day
Wednesday 28th February 2024National Chocolate Soufflé Day
Wednesday 6th March 2024National White Chocolate Cheesecake Day
Tuesday 19th March 2024National Chocolate Caramel Day
Sunday 24th March 2024National Chocolate Covered Raisins Day
Thursday 28th March 2024Black Forest Cake Day
Wednesday 3rd April 2024National Chocolate Mousse Day
Sunday 21st April 2024National Chocolate Covered Cashews Day
Wednesday 1st May 2024National Chocolate Parfait Day
Friday 3rd May 2024National Chocolate Custard Day
Saturday 11th May 2024Eat What You Want Day
Wednesday 15th May 2024National Chocolate Chip Day
Friday 17th May 2024World Baking Day
Sunday 2nd June 2024Rocky Road Day
Monday 3rd June 2024National Chocolate Macaroon Day
Friday 7th June 2024National Chocolate Ice Cream Day
Tuesday 11th June 2024National German Chocolate Cake Day
Saturday 22nd June 2024National Chocolate Éclair Day
Monday 24th June 2024Pralines Day
Wednesday 26th June 2024National Chocolate Pudding Day
Wednesday 3rd July 2024Chocolate Wafer Day
Sunday 7th July 2024World Chocolate Day
Monday 8th July 2024National Chocolate With Almonds Day
Tuesday 23rd July 2024Peanut Butter And Chocolate Day
Sunday 28th July 2024National Milk Chocolate Day
Sunday 4th August 2024National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day
Tuesday 13th August 2024Chocolate Covered Peanuts Day
Tuesday 20th August 2024National Chocolate Pecan Pie Day
Thursday 12th September 2024National Chocolate Milkshake Day
Sunday 22nd September 2024National White Chocolate Day
Friday 27th September 2024National Chocolate Milk Day
Monday 7th October 2024National Chocolate Covered Pretzel Day
Friday 18th October 2024National Chocolate Cupcake Day
Sunday 20th October 2024Office Chocolate Day
Monday 28th October 2024National Chocolate Day
Tuesday 7th November 2023National Bittersweet Chocolate With Almonds Day
Wednesday 29th November 2023Chocolates Day
Tuesday 5th December 2023Sachertorte Day
Friday 8th December 2023Chocolate Brownie Day
Wednesday 13th December 2023Hot Cocoa Day
Saturday 16th December 2023National Chocolate Covered Anything Day
Monday 25th December 2023Christmas (feasting on a lot of chocolate, no doubt!)
Thursday 28th December 2023National Chocolate Candy Day

Some of these days are regional, and others scream of desperation (yes, Chocolate Covered Anything Day, I'm looking at you). But they're all a bit of fun and add a bit of fun to all our social feeds, even if for just a day.

Be sure to check out my chocolate events listings too.

Spotted a day I've missed. Let me know here!