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26 Awesome Personalised Chocolate Gifts For 2024

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I'm a sucker for anything with my name on it, especially chocolate. Personalising a gift makes it way more impactful and much more memorable. Take this chocolate plaque I was sent by York's Chocolate Story in 2019, for instance. The fact that it is unique and personalised with my name makes it extra special to me - and highly memorable. It's not every day someone writes your name on a chocolate slab, is it? Slab from York's Chocolate Story
A gifted chocolate slab from York's Chocolate Story

Since there were gifts, there have been personalised gifts. You can pop a name or a photo onto pretty much anything, from glassware to stationery, travel accessories to kitchen accessories, and from personalised duvet covers to customised underwear.

So what's worth checking out when it comes to personalised chocolates? I've scoured the Internet looking for the best examples of personalised chocolate and compiled a list of my favourites below. I've listed the personalised gift services below in order of descending price, with the most impactful options at the top and the most affordable products nearer the end.

Bear in mind that most bespoke personalised chocolate products take a few days to produce (sometimes up to a week), so order with plenty of time to spare to avoid disappointment. Perhaps avoid these if you are looking for a last-minute Christmas present on 23rd December.

1 Personalised Sweet Tree

£33.99 | Personalised Jar

Personalised Sweet Tree
Photo credit to Getting Personal

Flowers are so last year. Instead of giving a bunch of flowers, how about a plant? And instead of a live plant that requires love and attention, how about trading it in for a chocolate tree instead?!

Beautifully formed, this 35cm sweet tree is completely edible, thanks to its stem made with crispy toffee crunch chocolate. Maltesers and Smarties decorate the base and the tree itself.

While you can't personalise the tree, you can personalise the clear jar housing the base. You've got up to 20 characters to play with, so you could add a name or write a sentiment. Then, once the tree has been demolished, the clear base can be reused to hold nick nacks, or perhaps you'll use it to grow live plants instead (cress, perhaps?).

If you would rather get something a little smaller, there's also a 25cm tree available.

Save 20% on your chocolate gifts. Exclusions apply. Use code LSZ20 at the checkout. Shop at Lily O'Brien's°

Ends on Thursday 27th August 2026. Terms and exclusions may apply. See website for details.

Customise your Personalised Sweet Tree

Check it out°

2 Personalised Cadbury Chocolate Boxes

£26.95 | 20 bars | Personalised Outer Box

Personalised Cadbury Chocolate Boxes
Photo credit to Funky Hampers

Made for the Cadbury chocolate lover, these personalised chocolate boxes are stuffed full of 20 bars of Cadbury Dairy Milk, Cadbury Crunchie, Cadbury Twirl, Cadbury Caramel, or Cadbury Wispa.

While the bars themselves come in normal retail packaging, the outer box is personalised with both a name and a message. The name can contain up to around 15 characters. All the boxes with the exception of Cadbury Wispa are designed with a single line of text with up to 20 characters. The Cadbury Wispa box, however, can accommodate up to 32 characters over two lines.

Customise your Cadbury Chocolate Boxes: Dairy Milk, Crunchie, Twirl, Wispa, or Caramel.

3 Giant Personalised Milka Chocolate Bar

£25.95 | 900g | Personalised Outer Wrapper

Giant Personalised Milka Chocolate Bar
Photo credit to YourSurprise

Milka is a continental chocolate bar with a cult following in the UK. Now, thanks to Dutch company YourSurprise, you can get a giant personalised Milka chocolate bar created for friends and family. Kind of.

It is, in fact, a 60cm x 26cm package of nine 100g Milka chocolate bars, designed to look like a massive Milka chocolate bar. That said, it still crams in 900g on Milka chocolate so it'll go down very well with whoever is lucky enough to receive it.

You've got lots of personalisation options too, with up to 15 characters for a snappy message, up to 18 characters for a name, then up to 145 characters over five lines for a much longer and more sincere message.

In case that wasn't enough, you can even upload a photo to truly customise this giant full colour sleeve that's designed to look a unique giant Milk bar.

Customise your Giant Personalised Milka Chocolate Bar

Check it out

4 Personalised Chocolate Birthday Smash Cake

£24.99 | 1kg | Personalised Iced Message On Top

Personalised Chocolate Birthday Smash Cake
Photo credit to Find Me A Gift

Smash cakes have been around for a while now and their popularity shows no sign of declining. This alternative ditches the boring aspect (the cake) and replaces it with Belgian milk chocolate.

The 23cm chocolate shell of the cake is enhanced with pink, blue and yellow colours, and is topped with your personalised message. You've got up to 25 characters to play with so there's room for something like "Happy Birthday Steve," for instance.

Inside is a mix of confectionery including mini marshmallows. Smash through the chocolate shell to reveal the goodies hidden inside.

Customise your Personalised Chocolate Birthday Smash Cake

Check it out

5 Personalised Milk Chocolate Smash Cup

£24.99 | Personalised Iced Message On Side

Personalised Milk Chocolate Smash Cup
Photo credit to Prezzybox

What if you like the idea of a chocolate smash cake but want something a little bit different? Well, how about a smash CUP?

Cast in milk chocolate, this cup contains all sorts of goodies, from Galaxy Minstrels to Kinder Bueno. If you know someone with a sweet tooth then they'll love diving into this.

Better still, you can personalise the message on the side to tailor it to a special occasion or event. You've got up to 25 characters to play with, so you can fit a name and a sentiment in there.

Oh, and the wooden spoon isn't included, but you can use whatever you like to smash this chocolatey treat open.

Customise your Personalised Milk Chocolate Smash Cup

Check it out°

6 Build A Box of Chocolates by Cocoapod

£24.95 | 44 pieces | Personalised Chocolates

Build A Box of Chocolates by Cocoapod
Photo credit to Cocoapod

Have something to say? Say it with chocolates - literally. This 44-piece gift box can be personalised with plenty of phrases up to 44 characters in length. Spacing the words out are pretty, decorated chocolates.

Unlike most other services, at Cocoapod you can choose various symbols and punctuation, so you can say exactly what you want to say. This makes it ideal for giving as a personalised birthday present, a Christmas gift, a novel Valentine's Day gift, or perhaps a Mother's Day or Father's Day gift.

Once you've nailed your message using the online previewer, you can choose between a box of milk or dark Belgian chocolate bonbons for the letters. For the spaces, you've got the choice between milk, white, dark, strawberry or orange chocolate bonbons. You can even choose the pattern used on this bonbons to truly personalise your box of chocolates.

Customise your Build A Box of Chocolates by Cocoapod

Check it out

7 Thorntons Personalised Alphabet Truffles

£20 | 235g | Personalised Chocolates

Thorntons Personalised Alphabet Truffles
Photo credit to Thorntons

Nothing beats having your message written on chocolate itself. Thanks to Thorntons' Alphabet Truffles, you can say exactly what you want in the medium of chocolate - so long as you keep it under 22 characters!

The milk and white chocolate cubes contain chocolate truffle centres and are each finished with a letter that spells out your chosen name or phrase. They are presented inside a Thorntons chocolate box. The recipient simply lifts the lid to read - and then eat - your personal message.

Customise your Thorntons Alphabet Truffles

Check it out

8 Personalised 10" Chocolate Pizza

£18.50 | Personalised Chocolate

Personalised 10" Chocolate Pizza
Photo credit to Funky Hampers

Replace the boring aspects of a pizza with Belgian chocolate and you've got yourself a chocolate pizza. This sweet alternative by The Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Company is presented in a pizza box and makes a great gift for most occasions.

This Heavenly Honeycomb 10" chocolate pizza features a milk chocolate base with milk chocolate shavings, white chocolate and milk chocolate covered honeycomb balls, and vanilla fudge as the toppings.

In the centre of the pizza is a white chocolate disc that can be personalised. You've got the freedom of up to 24 characters to tailor your message, so you can create a 'good luck' chocolate pizza, a 'happy birthday' chocolate pizza, or a 'merry Christmas' chocolate pizza.

Customise your Personalised 10" Chocolate Pizza

Check it out

9 Personalised Toblerone Bar Box

£17 | 360g | Personalised Box

Personalised Toblerone Bar Box
Photo credit to Toblerone

The famous triangular box of Toblerone Swiss milk chocolate is synonymous with travel. While I wouldn't complain wrapping my chops around this massive° 4.5kg bar, it isn't personalised in anyway. Fear not, though, as you can now personalise a box for a more manageable 360g Toblerone bar.

Choose from a range of box designs, then choose whether you want a milk, dark, white, fruit and nut, or crunchy almond chocolate bar inside. Next, pop in a name. It has to be under 10 characters, which might be a struggle, but it gets printed in the classic red Toblerone font on the box.

Next, you've got 30 characters to add a short message on the rear of the box. Predefined text includes words to say happy birthday, congratulations, express love or show you care about a special friend. Once complete, head to the checkout and your customised bar of Toblerone will be created and shipped out.

Personalise your bar of Toblerone

Check it out°

10 Lily O'Brien's Personalised Photo Chocolate Box

£16.50 | 290g | Personalised Photo Inside Lid

Lily O'Brien's Personalised Photo Chocolate Box
Photo credit to Lily O'Brien's

Rather than printing directly onto the box, Lily O'Brien's does things a little different. Upload your photo on their website and they'll print it out. Their Personalised Photo Chocolate Box contains a sleeve into which your printed photograph is slid into, personalising a 290g box of their Petit Indulgence Collection chocolates.

Lift the lid and you'll find 30 chocolates to much through and a photo or collage of your photos. You can upload up to three photos and choose from four photo layouts for this box.

While you can't personalise any of the text, you can add a gift message to the shipment when you choose the 'Buy this as a gift' option at the checkout.

Get free delivery on orders over £35 (excluding sales and trade items). Use code WYS35 at the checkout. Shop at Chocolate Trading Company°

Ends on Tuesday 31st December 2024. Terms and exclusions may apply. See website for details.

Customise your Lily O'Brien's Personalised Photo Chocolate Box

Check it out°

11 Personalised Quality Street Tin

£15.99 | 1kg | Personalised Packaging

Personalised Quality Street Tub
Photo credit to Nestlé

For a while it was exclusive to certain John Lewis & Partners stores, which was great if you lived near one. Then, Coronavirus wreaked havoc on the world and the personalised tins of Quality Street moved online, meaning anyone can buy one from Nestlé.

Choose either a standard assortment or load your tin with up to six varieties of your favourite sweets. Mine would be full exclusively of Green Triangles as everyone knows they're the best Quality Street sweets, right?

Then, tap in a name. You've got up to nine characters to play with, so you might need to be creative if you're sending the to some inconsiderate soul with a long name. Monty instead of Montgomery, for example. You'll also need to keep it clean as staff review each one to make sure you're not making a tin of Smutty Street.

Customise your Quality Street Tin

Check it out

12 Personalised Cadbury Coffee Cup & Chocolate

£15.99 | Personalised Cup

Personalised Cadbury Coffee Cup & Chocolate
Photo credit to Getting Personal

This personalised reusable coffee cup is ideal for giving as a gift that will be used time and time again. Made from natural fibres, the cup is BPA-free, BPS-free and phthalate-free.

It comes with a sleeve to protect your hand and a handy removable lid. While it can all be popped in the dishwasher, you'll extend the life of the artwork when you wash by hand.

Choose from a number of styles inspired by bestselling chocolate lines. For good measure, there's also a matching bar of chocolate included too. As for personalisation, you've got up to 15 characters for a name.

Personalise your coffee cup: Dairy Milk Oreo°, Double Decker°, Wispa°, Twirl°, Dairy Milk Caramel°, Dairy Milk°, and Crunchie°.

Prefer a mug instead? These are also available (along with four bars of chocolate) in the following styles: Dairy Milk Caramel°, Twirl°, Wispa°, Dairy Milk°, Double Decker°, and Crunchie°.

13 Personalised Cadbury Minature Heroes Tub

£14.99 | 600g | Personalised Tub

Personalised Cadbury Minature Heroes Tub
Photo credit to Firebox

Here's another tub of chocolates you'll have seen in the supermarkets, but with a personalised twist you will not.

Inside, you'll find a 600g assortment of your favourite Cadbury chocolates in miniature form. There's the Dairy Milk chunk, Crunchie Bits, Dinky Decker, and Twirl as well as the rest of the Cadbury Heroes line-up.

The lid, however, is personalised with text of your choice. You've got up to 40 characters over two lines to play with, so you can add names and messages. Firebox reckons "Emergency rations!" and "Hands off!" would be good options to go with. Pretty much anything goes, so long as you keep it clean.

Customise your Personalised Cadbury Minature Heroes Tub

Check it out°

14 Personalised Maltesers Truffles Box

£14.99 | 455g | Personalised Box

Personalised Maltesers Truffles Box
Photo credit to Prezzybox

Crunchy Maltesers meet creamy truffles in this personalised box of individually wrapped treats.

You can personalise three parts of this box - the 'to' name, the 'from' name, and the message. Names must be under 11 characters, and your choice of pre-written message can either be Christmas-themed or more generic.

Inside the box is 455g of Maltesers Truffles, which are a mashup of chocolate truffles and Maltesters.

Customise your Personalised Maltesers Truffles Box

Check it out°

15 Personalised Cadbury Roses Tub

£14.99 | 600g | Personalised Lid

Personalised Cadbury Roses Tub
Photo credit to Firebox

It may look like your average supermarket tub of Cadbury Roses but look a little closely and you'll spot the personalised lid. You get the same selection inside (things like Hazel Whirl, Golden Barrel, Country Fudge, and the Cadbury Dairy Milk Chunk) but presented in a keepsake plastic tub.

You can use up to 20 characters which should fit most names and in some cases even two, making it a great gift for couples. You could instead opt for a short message, but remember to keep it clean.

Perfect for giving as a funny gift to someone who hates sharing, or for most occasions, this box of Cadbury chocolate bites is likely to go down very well.

Customise your Personalised Cadbury Roses Tub

Check it out°

16 Boomf Personalised Chocolate Slab

£12.99 | 10cm x 10cm | Personalised Chocolate

Boomf Personalised Chocolate Slab
Photo credit to Boomf

Give a personalised chocolate gift they can gobble up. This chocolate slab by Boomf (of personalised marshmallow fame) measures in at 10cm square. Choose to have just a photo or a photo and text printed onto a thin layer of icing that is affixed to a slab of milk chocolate.

If you choose to add text, you've got a generous 80 characters to play with, so it's ideal for expressing your love, gratitude, appreciation or anything else you can think of! You can even bundle in a free gift card into your order with up to a further 300 characters over 10 lines to play with.

Customise your Boomf Chocolate Slab

Check it out

17 Eat Your Photo Personalised Chocolate Brownies

£12 | 9 pieces | Personalised iced tops

Eat Your Photo Personalised Chocolate Brownies
Photo credit to Eat Your Photo

Mix personalised chocolates with personalised cakes and you get personalised chocolate brownies. It's a recipe for success, right?

Upload a photo and these guys will print it onto a thin layer of icing that sits atop of freshly baked chocolate brownies. You get nine chocolate brownies in total, each printed with a piece of the photo. Mix up the pieces and have fun trying to put them back in order to see the bigger picture, or simply devour them!

For a small supplement you can also add an extra message to the box.

Customise your Chocolate Brownies

Check it out

18 The Candylicious Company Personalised Chocolate Slab

£10.90 | 350g | Personalised Chocolate

The Candylicious Company Personalised Chocolate Slab
Photo credit to The Candylicious Company

How about having their name made in chocolate, on a chunky chocolate slab, with chocolate decorations galore? This is the stuff chocolate dreams are made of.

This 350g Belgian milk chocolate bar by The Candylicious Company is topped with Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Reese's Pieces, chocolate bars, and M&Ms. It really is a nutty chocolate gift!

You can personalise this bar with a name, with ages, or even a short message. Just remember to leave the details in the comments box when you place the order online.

Customise your Candylicious Company Chocolate Slab

Check it out

19 Personalised Celebrations Box

£9.99 | 320g | Personalised Packaging

Personalised Celebrations Box
Photo credit to Prezzybox

If they love Mars, Snickers, Twix and even controversially, Bounty, a personalised box of Mars Celebrations is what's in order. Available on Prezzybox, this 320g box is much more personal than your average tub you'd pick up in the supermarket.

Measuring around 22cm by 18cm by 5cm, the box can be personalised only with a name of up to 11 characters. Your chosen name will be printed in the iconic Celebrations font.

Customise your Celebrations Box

Check it out°

20 Personalised Nutella Jar

£9.99 | 350g | Personalised Label on Jar

Personalised Nutella Jar
Photo credit to Nutella; Intervino

Perfect for chocolate hazelnut spread fiends, these personalised Nutella jars can be customised to include a range of popular names. Unlike other products on this list that gives you a fair bit of freedom, the personalisation here is limited to a predetermined list of first names.

If you're shopping for a David, a Helen, or a Brian, you're fine. You're even catered for if your friend is called Montgomery, Bronwyn, or Mohammed. But if you are buying for a Quintavious or Snowdrop, you'll need to get in touch with Intervino (the company behind the personalisation) so see if you can get the name added to the approved list.

The personalised label is affixed to a regular 350g of Nutella spread and shipped out to you inside a red Ferrero Nutella branded gift box.

Customise your Nutella Jar

Check it out

21 Chocolate Trading Co Personalised Sleeves

From £6.95 | From 6 pieces | Personalised Sleeve

Chocolate Trading Co Personalised Sleeves
Photo credit to Chocolate Trading Co

Why give a standard box of chocolates when you can make it personal? The customisation options over at Chocolate Trading Co allow you to tinker with everything from the personalised sleeve through to the box size and even its contents.

Prices start from £6.95 for the smallest six-piece option, and reach to the 24-piece collections. Choose from single-origin chocolate ganaches, French chocolates, nutty bites, salted caramels, alcohol-free selections, milk chocolate selections, dark chocolate assortments, and even cherries in Kirsch.

As for the sleeve, there's a wide variety of styles to choose amongst. There's up to 30 characters for a name, up to 20 characters for the occasion, and up to 60 characters over two lines of additional personalisation available. It's very versatile so can cater for pretty much any occasion, happy or sad.

Customise your Chocolate Trading Co Personalised Sleeve

Check it out°

Found on eBay

22 Tony's Chocolonely Create Your Own Wrapper

From £6 | 180g | Personalised Wrapper

Tony's Chocolonely Create Your Own Wrapper
Photo credit to Tony's Chocolonely

Tony's Chocolonely lets you personalise the wrapper of it's famously chunky 180g chocolate bars. Choose a background colour, perhaps upload a photo, add in some pre-made graphics, or just go crazy with the text.

Choose from milk caramel sea salt, white raspberry popping candy, milk almond honey nougat, milk hazelnut, dark almond sea salt, classic milk, or extra dark bars.

Where Tony's Chocolonely's personalisation tool really comes into its own is the ability to upload graphics from third party graphics programmes. Combine that with the volume pricing (stretching beyond 3,500 bars) and I think this is a winning combination for wedding favours or corporate orders.

23 Always Personal Personalised Milk Chocolate Bar

From £5.99 | 100g | Personalised Wrapper

Always Personal Personalised Milk Chocolate Bar
Photo credit to Always Personal

Always Personal has a huge range of chocolate bar wrappers that you can personalise. There's plenty of choice, ranging from cute wrappers to funny wrappers, so there's something for everyone.

Bars start from £5.99 and wrappers can often include a huge chunk of personalised text, depending on the design. This one, the Personalised Prescription Milk Chocolate Bar, for instance, can accommodate a name of up to 15 characters on the front, plus a message of up to 60 characters over two lines on the rear.

Inside, there's a 100g bar of milk chocolate.

Customise your Always Personal Personalised Milk Chocolate Bar

Check it out

24 Montezuma's Build a Bar Personalised Chocolate Bar

£4.99 | 90g | Personalised Sleeve

Montezuma's Build a Bar Personalised Chocolate Bar
Photo credit to Montezuma's

Move over soft fluffy personalised teddy bears, there's a tastier version in town, thanks to Montezuma's Build a Bar service.

First, choose either a white chocolate bar, 37% milk chocolate bar, 74% dark chocolate bar, or the intense 100% dark chocolate bar. Next, pick the colour of the sleeve that will clad your 90g bar. There's a vivid palette of yellow, pink, orange, blue or green to select between.

Then, tap in your message. You've got up to 23 characters to play with, so you can declare this bar as yours and yours alone, or you can wish someone happy birthday. As it's free text you can customise the message to suit pretty much any occasion.

Customise your Montezuma's Build a Bar Personalised Chocolate Bar

Check it out

25 Personalised Cadbury Dairy Milk & Milk Tray Sleeves

From £2.69 | From 45g | Personalised Sleeve

Personalised Cadbury Dairy Milk / Milk Tray Sleeves
Photo credit to Cadbury Gifts Direct

While Cadbury Gifts Direct doesn't let you personalise the wrapper of a chocolate bar, it does let you personalise the keepsake sleeve that wraps around either a bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk or a box of Cadbury Milk Tray.

There's a good deal of choice too, with bars of Cadbury Dairy Milk ranging from mini 45g sticks to giant 850g slabs. If you would rather give a box of chocolates instead, the Cadbury Milk Tray sizes range from the cute 78g box through to the more impactful 530g option.

When it comes to personalisation, you've got up to 27 characters to play with on the front of the bars and up to 150 characters on the rear. That means you've got plenty of scope to pop a name on the front and a personal message on the rear. You can also upload a photo to the front of the pack (except on the tiny 45g bar as there's not enough space).

Boxes of chocolate allow a little more room on the front, with up to 30 characters available. There's only 110 characters allowed on the back but you do get space to add a second photo.

Sleeves are designed with the current season in mind, so you get Christmas themed sleeves in the run up to 25th December, for example. You might want to bear this in mind if you are looking for a birthday or 'thinking of you' sympathy gift.

Customise your Personalised Cadbury Dairy Milk & Milk Tray Sleeves

Check it out°

26 Personalised Green & Black's Wrappers

From £2.50 | From 35g | Personalised Wrapper

Personalised Green & Black's Wrappers
Photo credit to Green & Black's

Green & Black's lets you personalised the wrappers of its 35g and 70g organic chocolate bars. Once you've opted for a size, you can choose between the 70% dark, 35% milk, 30% white, or 37% butterscotch milk chocolate bar.

You can personalise the text along the top of the front of the bars, and have up to 40 characters here so you can get creative with witty one-liners. It doesn't stop there as you have a further 200 characters available on the reverse of the bar, so you can pour your heart out here.

Ideal for birthday presents, Christmas gifts, or as small corporate gifts, these personalised bars boast one of the highest character counts on my list.

Customise your Green & Black's chocolate wrapper

Check it out°

Spotted some personalised chocolate I've not mentioned here? Let me know the details of what you've found in the comments below.

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