Mug of Hot Chocolate’s hot chocolate taste test

May 14 2012

For much of its history, chocolate has been consumed in liquid form as a drink, rather than eaten as a solid. Ground cocoa, sweetened with sugar and flavoured with aromatic spices, was mixed with water or milk to make drinking chocolate. During the 17th century in Europe chocolate houses, like coffee houses, became popular places in which to meet and talk and sample this exotic new drink, hot chocolate. Not […]

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Chocolate afternoon tea with Paul A Young

Chocolate, Tea and Charity

May 18 2015

If you’re partial to a chocolate treat and a cup of tea, then the month of May 2015 gives you the chance to not only enjoy chocolate but raise money for The Sick Children’s Trust by taking part in the Big Chocolate Tea Party. The Sick Children’s Trust is a  charity which supports families with seriously ill children,  including the offer of ‘homes from home’  around the country, so allowing […]

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Mast Brothers Belize Chocolate 70g

Review: Mast Brothers: Belize Chocolate (70% cacao) and Dick Taylor: 72% Belize, Toledo

April 17 2015

A few months ago, renowned chef Michel Roux Junior was lambasted on social media for declaring that France was the home of chocolate. His critics had a point – the craft of chocolate making has long since been taken up elsewhere, and while France might still claim to be the historical home of chocolate, superb chocolatiers have emerged from all around the world in recent years, including from that once […]

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Betty's Chocolatier’s Egg 2015

Top 10 Easter Eggs for Grown Ups

March 24 2015

Thanks to Britain’s buoyant chocolate scene, Easter Day is no longer solely the preserve of young children. There are now some distinctly grown-up Easter treats out there, perfect for gifts for your beloved or as an indulgent treat for yourself. From the talented chocolatier Mark Demarquette comes his playful Hot Cross Easter Eggs, a box of six dainty, little, subtly hued chocolate eggs,  each filled with a soft-textured, thick, flavoured […]

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Divine Shaun the Sheep Easter Egg

Top 10 Easter Treats for Kids

March 16 2015

With Easter weekend coming up, this is the time to stock up with Easter treats for the children. Here are our recommendations for the perfect chocolate creations to put a happy smile on kids’ faces this Easter. From the good people at Divine, the Fairtrade chocolate company co-owned by cocoa farmers through the Kuapo Kooko chocolate co-operative in Ghana, comes a humorously packaged Easter treat. Divine have teamed up with […]

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Vicens Turrón a la Sal

Review: Catalan Food and Wine: Torrons Vicens Turrón a la sal, and Vicens Xocolata a la pedra (with cinnamon)

February 20 2015

Xocolata a la Pedra There’s hot chocolate. Then there’s Spanish hot chocolate. And then there’s arguably the most authentic of all hot chocolates, xocolata a la pedra, which takes its name from the way the chocolate slabs used to be made. Pure cocoa beans were toasted over a fire, and then ground – while still hot – to a fine powder on a large grinding stone, using a heavy stone […]

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Rick and Michael Mast

Mast Brothers: The Craft of Chocolate

February 11 2015

The arrival in London of the Mast Brothers, Brooklyn’s acclaimed bean-to-bar pioneers, is something to be celebrated. London’s chocolate scene is thriving and the fact that these noted American chocolate makers have chosen to open their second chocolate factory in London, rather than say Paris or Brussels, is confirmation of its vitality. Rick and Michael Mast, the eponymous brothers who founded the company in 2007, bring a particular, gloriously obsessive […]

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