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Giant Cadbury Dairy Milk Bar (850g)

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Giant Cadbury Dairy Milk Bar (850g)
Photo credit to Cadbury Gifts Direct

Surely the best gift for any Cadbury chocolate fan is this whopping great big 850g purple clad bar of Dairy Milk?

This is a pretty versatile gift idea, as it's as great for Easter and Christmas as it is for a birthday or to thank or congratulate a friend, neighbour, or family member. It's a great gift idea for people who always have a small bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk stashed away in their cupboard for treat night or for a cheeky nibble.

There's plenty of choice when it comes to these novelty oversized chocolate bars too, although you'll pay a smidgen more for themed packaging. A quick search on Cadbury Gifts Direct reveals° packaging for an 850g thank you bar, a good luck bar, a well done congratulatory bar, a happy birthday bar, as well as a number of landmark birthday bars (18th, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th). There's also bars for Mother's Day and Father's Day, as well as bars themed for Easter and Christmas.

Regardless of whether you go for the classic original 850g monster of a Dairy Milk bar, the nostalgic vintage themed packaging, or perhaps one of the landmark events boxes, you'll get the same massive slab of Cadbury Dairy Milk inside.

Why choose this particular Cadbury chocolate bar by Cadbury?

  • This chocolate bar features milk chocolate.
  • Cadbury produces a popular range of chocolates including Dairy Milk, Roses, Crunchie, Twirl, and many more.
  • A wide range of Cadbury gifts are available to purchase online.
  • Cadbury chocolate is loved far and wide by many people..
RRP: £10

Cadbury products often contain ingredients such as milk, hazelnuts, wheat and soya, or traces of such ingredients. Refer to the individual ingredients list on each product to be sure.

For the latest price, contents and availability, head on over to Cadbury Gifts Direct.

See this hamper at Cadbury Gifts Direct°

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