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Cocoa Loco Dark Chocolate Lover’s Gift Box

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Cocoa Loco's Dark Chocolate Lover's Gift Box
Photo credit to Cocoa Loco

This letterbox gift box is perfect for vegans and dark chocolate lovers alike, as it contains a variety of popular products in a compact form. Designed to slip through most letterboxes without fuss, this box of treats is ideal for sending to friends and family on the other side of the country.

The dark chocolate products are suitable for vegans, but you don't need to be a vegan to enjoy these products. Be accidentally vegan and enjoy a selection of tasty products made with Cocoa Loco's dark chocolate. Inside the box is a selection of hot chocolate stirring spoons, dark chocolate truffles, chocolate buttons, and chocolate bars.

You won't find strong flavours to distract from the rich cocoa notes in these chocolates, with Cocoa Loco opting for hazelnut and sea salt as the only enhancements needed. As such, this is a great present idea for somebody who likes their chocolate dark and flavourful, but without the distraction of loud or bold flavours.

Why choose this particular letterbox gift by Cocoa Loco?

  • Does not contain bottles or cans of alcoholic drinks.
  • This letterbox gift contains hazelnut chocolate flavours. It also features dark chocolate.
  • This letterbox gift also contains Fair Trade and Vegan Friendly chocolate.
  • Handmade in Sussex using Fairtrade and organic ingredients.
  • Cocoa Loco uses Dominican Republic cocoa beans from a community of small-scale growers.
RRP: £20.99
This item might be out of stock. You can check with the retailer below.

Some of Cocoa Loco's chocolate products are suitable for vegans (check the website for the latest information). Items may contain nuts, milk, and soya. The chocolate is made in a kitchen where gluten and eggs are present.

For the latest price, contents and availability, head on over to Cocoa Loco.

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