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Hotel Chocolat Everything Collection Hamper

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Hotel Chocolat Everything Collection Hamper
Photo credit to Hotel Chocolat

The Everything Hamper by Hotel Chocolat contains bits and pieces from across the range to give a good idea of what the rest of the range has in store for you. Containing a mix of slabs, bars, and pralines in mainly milk and dark chocolates, there's something in here for everyone.

The gift box hamper contains a slab from the Selectors range, as well as some chocolate batons and a few pralines from the Selectors range. It's a great introduction to the Hotel Chocolat brand for friends and family not in the know. The chocolates inside this lovely gift box are amongst the popular and are tame, so if you want to taste the flavour of the chocolate and are not interested in distracting or edgy full-on flavours, this box is for you.

Why choose this particular gift box by Hotel Chocolat?

  • Does not contain bottles or cans of alcoholic drinks.
  • This gift box contains hazelnut and salted caramel chocolate flavours. It also features dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate.
  • Made in United Kingdom typically with cocoa from West Africa, although they have a Rare and Vintage range of single-origin chocolates from plantations around the world.
  • Hotel Chocolat doesn't use artificial flavourings or colours in its chocolate.
RRP: £29.95

Some Hotel Chocolat products contain nuts, gluten/wheat, peanuts, egg, milk, soya, sulphites, and sesame.

For the latest price, contents and availability, head on over to Hotel Chocolat.

See this hamper at Hotel Chocolat

Prices and availability listed above were correct at the time of writing but may have since changed. Hamper contents can, and often do, change depending on product availability, so it's always best to check with the seller before you order so you know exactly what to expect.

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