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Niederegger Mini Loaves 1.075kg Supreme Assortment

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Niederegger Mini Loaves Supreme Assortment
Photo credit to Niederegger

A colourful rainbow of mini marzipan loaves will stir the hearts of Niederegger lovers everywhere. This is a fabulous bumper collection of their famous mini loaves in a variety of flavours, with packaging spanning the full rainbow of colour.

Bright and vivid, this 1.075kg marzipan assortment box stands out and makes an impact. Ideal for sharing (although you don't have to, of course!), this Niederegger gift box contains 86 marzipan loaves packaged in red, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, and black foil wrappers, creating an impressive wow factor. Amongst the classic loaves is a selection of flavoured marzipans, with varieties including Armagnac, orange, Calvados, rum, and coffee.

While this would be a great option to have for guests at a dinner party or gathering, this box of marzipan chocolates would be ideal as a very special gift for a birthday, or for Christmas, as well as for an anniversary or to express gratitude to somebody special.

Why choose this particular Niederegger selection box by Niederegger?

  • This selection box contains marzipan chocolate flavours. It also features dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate.
  • Niederegger is known for its high quality almond marzipan.
  • Niederegger can trace its history back to 1806.
  • Niederegger marzipan chocolates are a popular choice at Easter and Christmas.
RRP: £59.50

Niederegger uses almonds, pistachios, milk, soya and alcohol in many of its products.

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