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Thorntons Champagne Lovers Gift Box

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Thorntons Champagne Lovers Gift Box
Photo credit to Thorntons

This Thorntons gift box has one type of person in mind - champagne and milk chocolate lovers! If you know this person, this might be the gift idea for you.

A 75cl bottle of Taittinger Champagne sits at the heart of this gift set. Alongside it is a pair of Thorntons Marc De Champagne milk chocolate truffle bags. These are milk chocolate balls with a Marc De Champagne flavoured truffle centre which are then dusted with white chocolate powder.

This gift box looks ideal as a celebratory gift. Perhaps you might need to buy a thank you present or a well done gift for somebody dear to you? It's also a good choice as a Christmas gift for a couple (with a his and hers bag of chocolates each). It's also a great option as a a way to mark a new home or the birth of a baby (for the parents, of course).

Why choose this particular gift box by Thorntons?

  • Contains an alcoholic tipple.
  • This gift box contains champagne chocolate flavours. It also features milk chocolate.
  • Thorntons is a household name across the UK, with stores right across the country..
  • Thorntons is famous for its Continental chocolates and Special Toffee range..
RRP: £55
This item might be out of stock. You can check with the retailer below.

Thorntons products often contain ingredients such as milk, hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts, soya, and sulphur dioxide.

For the latest price, contents and availability, head on over to Thorntons.

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