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Whittard of Chelsea Hot Chocolate Gift Set

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Whittard of Chelsea Hot Chocolate Gift Set
Photo credit to Whittard of Chelsea

Ideal for hot chocolate addicts, this gift set contains six different flavours of hot chocolate powder, ready for every mood.

Packaged inside a sleek gift box, the six 120g drums of hot chocolate powder include favourites from Whittard of Chelsea's range. Their classic hot chocolate is in there for a rich and silky hot chocolate. Their Luxury White chocolate powder is in there too, for a sweet and creamy alternative. The other flavours are Rocky Road, Salted Caramel, Mint, and Orange. There's definitely a hot chocolate for every kind of moment in this gift box.

Thanks to the packaging design, this is ideal as a gift for any time of the year for anybody who loves hot chocolate. A thoughtful Christmas present springs to mind, but it's also great as a birthday gift or as a treat for Mum or Dad on Mother's Day or Father's Day.

Why choose this particular gift box by Whittard of Chelsea?

  • Does not contain bottles or cans of alcoholic drinks.
  • This gift box contains marshmallow, mint, orange and salted caramel chocolate flavours. It also features hot chocolate.
  • Whittard of Chelsea is known for its huge range of teas, coffees, and hot chocolate powders..
  • Limited edition hot chocolate flavours appear in the range all the time, and are often only available for limited periods of time..
RRP: £30

Hot chocolate products often contain dairy milk or whey powders. Most hot chocolate powders are suitable for vegetarians and some are also vegan friendly too.

For the latest price, contents and availability, head on over to Whittard of Chelsea.

See this hamper at Whittard of Chelsea°

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