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The best chocolate massages in the UK and beyond

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Have a break, become a human chocolate bar (of sorts).

I love a good massage. There's nothing like it to relax tired muscles and an overworked mind. And as a chocoholic, I clearly love chocolate.

So when I stumbled across these wonderful - dare I say it, magical - places up and down the land (and some a bit further afield) that combine a good massage or spa treatment with the power of cocoa and chocolate, I knew I needed to dig a little deeper. The notion of combining two of my favourite things sounded right up my street.

A few years ago chocolate massages were all the rage. Head to a spa, get smothered in liquid chocolate and have a particularly messy massage knowing that it's doing the world of wonders to your body, senses, and mind. While chocolate massages have dipped out of fashion a little, I have found some spas and beauty salons still offering the classic option as well as some that are offering modern twists on the old favourite.

What are the benefits of a chocolate massage?

The debate on whether eating chocolate is good for you still rumbles on. For every positive is a negative.

The NHS has critiqued a study conducted at the German Institute of Human Nutrition, which concluded "chocolate consumption appears to lower cardiovascular risk, in part through reducing blood pressure."

AXA PPP Healthcare claims it can elevate your mood, can help heart health and arteries if the chocolate is high in flavonoids, can suppress coughing thanks to the chemical theobromine, and can help the brain thanks to the chemical epicatechin (a natural phenol and antioxidant).

Spa treatment room

Saga Magazine cites a study from University of California in which chocolate slowed blood clotting if eaten in small amounts. It also references a Penn State University study in which the colcusion was drawn that people who consumed chocolate had elevated anti-oxidant levels in their blood together with reduced levels of LDL-cholesterol.

The British Heart Foundation reckons the research just isn't "conclusive enough to recommend eating [chocolate] for health reasons." It does go on to say dark chocolate is a richer source of antioxidants though.

So the jury is still out on whether eating chocolate is good for you. I'm of the mindset that everything can be good so long as it is in moderation. And I'm of the belief that a small amount of good quality dark chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa is going to do my body (and taste buds) more good than eating a slab of value milk chocolate which has a higher fat and sugar content ratio.

So if we ought to limit eating chocolate, is there any health benefits to smearing it all over our bodies?

Shanghai's Ritz-Carlton spa agrees emphatically. They claim that cocoa is packed with over 300 compounds (including theobromine, polyphenols, and antioxidants) that "can have a positive positive effect on your skin." The spa also explains "the scent of chocolate stimulates 'happy feeling' endorphins which create feelings of well-being and can reduce stress."

Hotel Chocolat also explains that the humble cacao bean is "packed with antioxidants and vital minerals" making it a logical natural base for some beauty products.

Sara Davenport of Reboot Health reckons it's a bucket list experience, explaining that a chocolate massage "releases a torrent of beta endorphins, neurotransmitters that are stronger in their effects than morphine." So you'll likely experience a really satisfying buzz from the unusual choice of massage.

The Spa At The Hotel Hershey comments on the enjoyment factor, stating it's the best way to "relax and enjoy chocolate without a single calorie." That makes it guilt-free in my mind!

Besides using cocoa as part of a massage, the cocoa bean husk lends itself to being used as an exfoliant. Esteem Beauty adds that the cocoa bean's fibre shell can "break down harmful free radicals" in the skin. It also mentions that the "fatty cocoa butter hydrates and softens the skin" and concludes that cocoa "feels fantastic and smells gorgeous." Amen to that.

What to expect at a chocolate massage

Regardless of the treatment you choose, have a wash before heading to the spa. Loose and comfortable clothing is always a winner, even if it isn't the most glamorous look. Head to the loo before your treatment as there's nothing worse than needing to go during a massage.

Depending on the treatment you choose, some can be messy. Full body wraps involve smearing a paste all of your body. Equally, massages with cocoa paste will make you resemble a walking talking chocolate bar. Expect to shower at the spa in these cases.

Others use cocoa-infused massage oils so you'll not need to wash afterwards in these instances.

Full body treatments may involve you stripping down to your underwear or involve a change into skimpy (and frankly unflattering) spa underwear. Don't feel self conscious though - the beauticians have seen it all before.

After the treatment, if you've had oil or cream applied, you are supposed to leave it on your skin as long as you can to maximise the benefits. Personally I don't like the greasy feeling after a massage so I hop in the shower fairly soon after. Each to their own.

Remember to drink plenty of water after your massage as muscles can secrete lactic acid during the treatment, and keeping hydrated can help flush these out of your system. Stay away from alcohol and caffeine if possible.

Lactic acid can also sometimes make you feel a bit tired, dizzy, or achy after a massage. It doesn't affect everyone in the same way, but it's worth bearing in mind.

Above all, try and rest as much as you can immediately after the massage, and try to keep the muscles warm. You are nice and relaxed so the last thing you want to do is tense up your muscles straight away. Some spas have swimming pools or thermal suites that you can often bolt onto your massage to form a relaxing spa day.

My top picks

From the list below, there's a couple of stand-out options for me.

  • Firstly is the Chocolate Massage at Bannatynes Spa. Their 55-minute massage is long enough to relax, and they also have a selection of three aromas to choose between. Plus, they have spa locations up and down the country - there's one near me so it's by far my closest opportunity for slathering myself with chocolate.
  • Money no object, I'd jet off to St Lucia for the ultimate chocoholics retreat at Hotel Chocolat's Boucan Resort. The intense, 60-minute pure cacao sports massage while gazing at the gorgeous St Lucian landscapes has my name written all over it. Plus, the hotel offers a variety of tree-to-bean and bean-to-bar experiences that sounds fantastic in addition to all that relaxation.
  • I find myself inexplicably drawn to visit the Hershey community in Pennsylvania , USA. In my head, it's a playground akin to Disney World, except this one is for chocoholics. I am sure the reality is vastly different, but you'll find me in the Hotel Hersey Spa enjoying a chocolate milk bath after a day exploring the Hersheypark chocolate theme park, the Hershey World chocolate shop, and the Hershey Story chocolate museum.

Where to get a chocolate massage (UK)

I've scoured the web to find as many locations as I could in the UK, plus a few further afield. If you know of somewhere I have missed, give me a shout.

LUSH Spa (nationwide)

Enjoy an hour of relaxation and recouperation at a LUSH Spa near you. The Comforter is a divine treatment that blends a full body hot chocolate scrub with a rose serum massage. It's designed to leave your skin smooth and silky, while the aromas and textures will stimulate all your senses. The experience even comes with a sparkling cloud cocktail, too.

Locations: Get yourself to Cardiff, Poole, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Bath, Birmingham, Leeds and London's Soho

Price: £100 per person.

Book: Click here to book°.

Bannatynes Spa (nationwide)

Karen Wilkinson, Bannatyne’s Head of Spa, reckons "the Chocolate Massage is a superbly indulgent and unforgettable experience for the senses, especially if you love chocolate!" I'm sold!

The spa staff here will smother your body with a deliciously warm blend of Dead Sea salts, essential oils, and 100% pure cocoa butter as the basis for a relaxing 55-minute massage. What's more, you can choose between mint, orange, or original hot chocolate aromas. It's an indulgent, once-in-a-lifetime experience that Bannatyne's reckons will leave your "skin feeling hydrated" and "re-mineralised."

Locations: Ready? Here goes! Aberdeen; Ashford; Barnsley; Belfast; Birmingham; Blackpool; Bristol; Broadstairs; Burton on Trent; Bury St Edmunds; Cardiff; Carlisle; Chafford Hundred; Chingford; Colchester; Crewe; Darlington; Dunfermline; Durham<; Edinburgh; Fairfield; Hastings; Humberston, Grimsby; Ingleby Barwick; Inverness; Leicester; Luton; Manchester; Mansfield; Milton Keynes; Norwich; Orpington; Perth; Peterborough; Shepton Mallet; Shrewsbury; Solihull; Stratford upon Avon; Sutton Coldfield; Tamworth; Wakefield; Weybridge; and York

Price: £50 to £70 depending on location. Health Club members get cheaper rates.

Book: Click here to book. If you're giving this one as a gift to another chocolate nut, consider this Premium Pamper Day option from Activity Superstore instead.

LipoTherapeia (London)

For a chocolate facial with a difference, LipoTherapeia fuses deep tissue radio-frequency, cocoa flavanols, and aromas of rose. The treatment starts with a cup of rose tea and a consultation. A 40-minute deep tissue radio-frequency treatment follows, which makes use of a formulation rich in hyaluronic acid and cocoa flavanols. A deep facial massage completes the session, which makes use of a hyaluronic acid cream infused with Rose de Mai essential oil.

Location: LipoTherapeia at Chelsea Private Clinic, The Courtyard, 151 Sydney Street, London, SW3 6NT

Price: £160 per treatment (based on 6 sessions).

Book: Click here to book.

Pegasus Health Spa (London)

If you find travelling stressful, head to the spa inside the Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotel on the periphery of London Heathrow Airport. If you are flying from Heathrow to St Lucia on the trail of really good chocolate massages, this is also a great way to start or end your holiday.

The 75-minute Pegasus Chocolate Orange Massage is just as sweet as it sounds. It's a full body massage personalised to your preferences. It has its roots in a traditional Swedish massage but uses a sweet chocolate and orange oil chock full of anti-oxidants.

Location: Pegasus Health Spa and Gymnasium at Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotel, 140 Bath Road, Hayes, Middlesex, UB3 5AW

Price: £60.

Book: Click here to book.

Retreat MediSpa (London)

Combine four chocolate-themed treatments in the 1½-hour Chocolate Body Indulgence session. The Coffee and Cocoa Body Buff uses a blend of Colombian coffee beans, green cardamom, and chocolate to scrub away dead skin cells. Next comes the Chocolate Self-heating Herbal Wrap which uses a cocoa beans and algae powder that turns into an effervescent and self-heating paste when mixed with water. While that's doing its thing, enjoy a mini facial to exfoliate and cleanse your face. A delicious-sounding organic raw cocoa skin face mask is then applied. After a shower, you'll finish with a Melt Away Candle Massage for your back.

Location: 126 Upper Richmond Road, Putney, London, SW15 2SP

Price: £110.

Book: Click here to book.

Marina Beauty Spa (London)

Everyone loves a Chocolate Orange, right? Terry does a great job at making them, after all.

The 1½-hour Chocolate Orange Wrap at Marina Beauty Spa combines the benefits of a chocolate body wrap with the heavenly aromas of chocolate and orange. Your body is enveloped in a delicious wrap that stimulates the skin.

Location: Marina Beauty & Spa, Gibson Road, Sutton, London, SM1 2RF

Price: £75.

Book: Click here to book.

Your Spa Ramsgate (Kent)

A leisure centre might not be the first place you think of for a relaxing massage, but that's not the case in Ramsgate. Furthermore, this spa has a chocolate massage treatment available. The 60-minute session includes exfoliation, a mousse wrap, and an application of chocolate body butter to your back. There's a reason why they call this one the Chocolate Heaven Back Therapy.

For an extra special chocolate treat, add on the chocolate pedicure too.

Location: Ramsgate Leisure Centre, Northdown House, Northdown Park Road, Margate, Kent, CT9 3TP

Price: £32.

Book: Click here to book.

Chakra Spa (West Sussex)

A relatively short distance from London Gatwick Airport in East Grinstead is the Crowne Plaza Felbridge hotel. Nestled within is the Chakra Spa, which offers a wide range of treatments. As part of their range of Vegan-friendly treatments is the Chocolate Drench Body Treatment.

Perfect for Vegans and non-Vegans alike, the experience starts with a full body scrub using ground coffee and sea salt. A silken chocolate body wrap follows to relax your body.

Location: Chakra Spa in Crowne Plaza Felbridge Gatwick, London Road, East Grinstead, West Sussex, RH19 2BH

Price: £70.

Book: Click here to book.

The Solent MediSpa (Hampshire)

Satisfy your inner chocoholic with a body wrap in Hampshire, specifically the 1½-hour Hot & Earthy Salted Chocolate body wrap from The Solent MediSpa.

Start with a delicious-sounding Colombian Coffee Aromatherapy Body Salt Scrub to stimulate the skin. Then it's onto a soothing heated chocolate body wrap. Your treatment climaxes with an application of a sweet and earthy fig and vanilla body lotion.

Location: 68 Castle Road, Southsea, PO5 3AZ and 16 Westgate, Chichester, PO19 3EU

Price: £75.

Book: Click here to book.

The Club and Spa at The Cube (Birmingham)

Fancy an escape from the hustle and bustle in the centre of Birmingham? Book the Signature Wrap & Pamper treatment at The Club and Spa at The Cube for an indulgent 2-hour chocolate treat for your body.

Cocoon yourself inside a warm chocolate body wrap while a scalp massage melts away any remaining stresses. Afterwards, enjoy a warm oil full body massage. This has its roots in traditional Swedish massage but can be tailored to problem areas you might have.

Location: The Cube Birmingham, 196 Wharfside Street, Birmingham, B1 1RN

Price: £110.

Book: Click here to book.

Spa Satori (Manchester)

Fancy a chocolate body wrap in Manchester? Spa Satori has a choice of two 1-hour cocoa-themed wraps available. You are slathered with a mask and wrapped up in a mud sheet and foil blanket. Meanwhile, you'll enjoy a relaxing face and scalp massage so the wrap can work its magic.

The 'Indulge' wrap makes use of chocolate and coconut oil, orange, and benzoin and is perfect for relaxation. The 'Revitalise' option has a bit more zip as it contains coffee and cocoa benzoin and sandalwood.

Location: 112 High Street, The Northern Quarter, Manchester, M4 1HQ

Price: £59.

Book: Click here to book.

The Spa Hotel Ribby Hall Village (Lancashire)

Tucked away in the countryside to the east of Blackpool is the 100-acre Ribby Hall Village, an upscale adult-only spa hotel. Simply a spa break here would be divine, but the on-site spa has a speciality treatment package designed for chocoholics like myself.

The 1½-hour Decadent Cocoa Ritual crams in several treatments with a Mocktail and a Natural Spa Factory gift to boot too. The ritual commences with a foot soak before heading into the chocolate body wrap with scalp massage. Afterwards, enjoy a relaxing full body massage before receiving an application of luxury body cream to end.

Location: Ribby Hall Village, Ribby Road, Wrea Green near Blackpool, Lancashire, PR4 2PR

Price: £90.

Book: Click here to book.

Esteem Beauty (Scotland)

These guys have two chocolate-themed treatments to satisfy your cocoa desires. Choose from either the 45-minute chocolate facial or the 60-minute Back, Neck & Shoulders Massage.

There's also a sparkling drink and strawberries on offer during the body treatment.

Location: 528 Great Western Road, Glasgow, G12 8EL.

Price: £45 to £59, depending on treatment.

Book: Click here to book.

Blue Morpho Centre (Scotland)

Your body, mind, and spirit are all satisfied in this 90-minute Holistic Hot Chocolate Massage. Relaxing music plays in the background as you enjoy a massage with a warm chocolate oil. The massage is a bespoke combination of elements of Swedish and Ayurevedic massage.

Location: 36A Broughton Street, Edinburgh, EH1 3RJ

Price: £65.

Book: Click here to book.

KamaCalm Holistic Therapies (Scotland)

The basis for this chocolate massage is pure molten chocolate mixed with almond oil and essential aromatherapy oils. Enjoy a foot exfoliation during your consultation where you can discuss the essential oils to be used alongside the chocolate.

Then you'll be massaged using the bespoke fragrant chocolate oil. Afterwards, you'll be cocooned in a warm wrap. An Indian head and scalp massage with mini facial completes the session.

Location: KamaCalm Holistic Therapies, Comiston Road, Edinburgh, EH10 6AG

Price: £60 to £80 depending on duration.

Book: Click here to book.

The Health and Serenity Spa (Wales)

A short hop from Newport train station lies The Health and Serenity Spa, a spa and hair salon that offers a wide range of treatments. Of course the one I'm interested in - not only as it's one of the closest options to me but because of my love affair with all things cocoa -  is the one-hour Chocolate Sensations bespoke full body massage.

As it's bespoke, the type of massage is tailored towards any problem areas you have, be that with your back, shoulders, neck, legs, or arms. But at the heart of the Chocolate Sensations massage is a Swedish massage using delicious chocolate-based oil.

Location: No 8 Clytha Park Road, Newport, NP20 4PB

Price: £48.

Book: Click here to book.

Where to get a chocolate massage (Worldwide)

I am sure there are hundreds, if not thousands, of places that offer some form of chocolate massage. These are a small selection of the best known experiences I have read good things about.

Boucan by Hotel Chocolat (St Lucia)

I can't get enough of Hotel Chocolat's chocolate nibbles so the idea of jetting off to the lush Caribbean island of St Lucia for an authentic chocolate massage on the grounds of a cocoa plantation just makes total sense to me.

Clearly, a spa at a hotel run by Hotel Chocolat is going to have chocolate at its heart, and Boucan certainly does not disappoint. Your inner chocoholic will squeal with delight at the option of a Cacao Facial, or a Cacao Detox Body Wrap, or the Cacao Body Exfoliate & Moisturise treatment. But the chocolate massage is the jewel in the crown.

The cacao-oil lotions used for the 30- or 60-minute massage - choose from pure cacao, cacao-peppermint, cacao-rose, or cacao-nutmeg/cinnamon - is made in small batches on the estate. Better still, the divine massage takes place in a Cocoa Juvenate treatment room overlooking the Pitons. It sounds scrummy!

Location: The Hotel, The Rabot Estate, Soufriere, Saint Lucia, West Indies

Price: [exchangerate rate="USD"]66[/exchangerate] for a 30-minute massage, or [exchangerate rate="USD"]127[/exchangerate] depending on duration.

Book: Click here to book. Take a look at the packages too, as these include several activities in one bundle. Don't forget flights too - the London Gatwick (LGW) to Hewanorra International St Lucia (UVF) route is served by TUI, British Airways, and Virgin Atlantic, with the journey taking around 9 hours.

Kai en Ciel Spa (St Lucia)

When not one but two great spa resorts pop up on my radar in the same country I get the feeling it's somewhere that should be on my bucket list. And a mere 4 miles down the road from Hotel Chocolat's offering is the Kai en Ciel Spa which is part of the sprawling 600-acre Jade Mountain estate.

The spa offers a variety of chocolate themed options, including a chocolate facial, a chocolate exfoliation scrub, a hot chocolate candle massage, and even a chocolate manicure or pedicure.

If you're the type of person who can't decide between chocolates in a selection box, the 3-hour Chocolate Lovers package is the best choice for you, combining three treatments into one. The Chocolate Citrus Body Polish involves a chocolate citrus sugar polish body scrub followed by a chocolate body wrap, with a dash of chocolate body milk to complete proceedings.

A classic Swedish massage follows, with the aromas of mocha throughout, before enjoying a chocolate mint facial. It all sounds dreamy.

Location: Kai en Ciel Spa, Jade Mountain at Anse Chastanet, Soufriere, St. Lucia, West Indies

Price: [exchangerate rate="USD"]330[/exchangerate].

Book: Click here to book. Don't forget flights too - the London Gatwick (LGW) to Hewanorra International St Lucia (UVF) route is served by TUI, British Airways, and Virgin Atlantic, with the journey taking around 9 hours.

Pure Jungle Spa (Costa Rica)

Pure Jungle Spa calls itself an artisan spa and is to the spa world what bean-to-bar is to the chocolate world. Locally sourced quality ingredients seems to be at its heart.

They call it the "Ultimate Total Body Chocolate Decadence," and given what goes into this massage, I'd have to agree. At its core are locally grown organic cacao beans, which are roasted over an open fire by an indigenous family. These are then hand ground into a coarse chocolate paste. The texture acts as an exfoliant and the cocoa butter is perfect for a relaxing massage.

Location: Puerto Viejo, Limon, Costa Rica

Price: [exchangerate rate="USD"]69[/exchangerate] to [exchangerate rate="USD"]95[/exchangerate] depending on duration.

Book: Click here to book. Don't forget flights too - the nearest airport is Limon International Airport but your best chance of flights from London is to San José Juan Santamaria International (SJO) which is served by Aeromexico, KLM, British Airways, and SWISS. Expect a flight time of around 11 hours.

The Spa at The Hotel Hershey (USA)

The community of Hershey in Pennsylvania happens to share its name with the country's bestselling chocolate. In fact, it was founded by Milton S. Hershey and has since earned itself the nicknames of Chocolatetown and 'The Sweetest Place on Earth'. If you're travelling on a pilgrimage to the American capital of chocolate, it would be rude not to visit the Hersheypark chocolate theme park, the massive Hershey World chocolate shop, and the Hershey Story chocolate museum. That's my holiday for next year sorted!

And where should you stay? The Hershey Hotel of course. And what's contained within? The Hershey Spa. Thanks to its range of chocolate-themed spa treatments, it may well be more deserving of the title 'The Sweetest Place on Earth' than the community.

If you have a spare 3½ hours then book yourself the chocolate Escape package. Enjoy a 15-minute dip in a foaming chocolate milk bath. Opt for either the 30-minute Chocolate Bean Polish (cocoa bean husks and walnut shells mixed with a softening cocoa moisturiser) or Chocolate Sugar Scrub to exfoliate the skin. Then it's time for a chocolate fondue body wrap using a blend of cocoa, red mineral mud, and organic cocoa butter, for an hour. And the cherry on the cake is a a 50-minute Swedish Massage using their signature chocolate scented massage oil. There's also time for lunch in The Oasis lounge and restaurant. Sheer bliss.

Location: The Spa At The Hotel Hershey, 100 Hotel Road, Hershey, PA 17033

Price: [exchangerate rate="USD"]385[/exchangerate] to [exchangerate rate="USD"]405[/exchangerate].

Book: Click here to book. A list of the popular chocolate treatments can be seen here. Don't forget flights too - the nearest airport is Harrisburg (MDT) and you'll need connecting flights from London to get there, with the journey typically taking upwards of 11 hours.

The Ritz-Carlton Spa (Shanghai)

The 5-star Ritz-Carlton Pudong sits in a sleek skyscraper next to Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower. If you want sheer luxury head here. If you want sheer luxury with a chocolate twist then head to the Ritz-Carlton Spa.

What I really like about their offering is that there's a good amount of tasting alongside using cocoa as a beauty treatment. So this two-hour experience kicks off with a cup of rich hot chocolate as a taste of things to come.

Next it's onto a full body chocolate salt scrub, followed by a whole body massage with soothing chocolate almond oil. The beauty side of things climaxes with a delightful chocolate wrap where a thick layer of chocolate will be applied to your skin, with a chocolate facial to enjoy while the wrap works its magic. But it doesn't stop there as the hotel's French Executive Pastry Chef will have prepared a handmade chocolate treat for you to draw proceedings to a close.

Just remember, once you've finished (and had a wash), be sure to take a dip in the pool on the 55th floor - the views look incredible!

Location: Shanghai IFC, 8 Century Avenue, Lujiazui, Pudong, Shanghai, 200120, China

Price: [exchangerate rate="CNY"]1800[/exchangerate].

Why book this one? Several chocolate spa treatments with a chocolate dessert for afterwards too. What's not to love?

Book: Click here to book. Don't forget flights too - the nearest airport is Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport (SHA) which is about 15 miles (25km) away. Routes from London are serviced by the likes of China Eastern, SWISS, Lufthansa, Iberia, Shenzhen Airlines, Austrian Airlines, XiamenAir, Aeroflot, KLM, Cathay Pacific, Air China, and Emirates, with a journey time of around 12 hours.

The Spa at The Kingsley (Ireland)

If you are busy touring Cork, be sure to head to the spa inside The Kingsley hotel. Their 25-minute body wrap is the perfect bite-size treat for any chocoholic. The Soothing Chocolate and Cocoa Bean Self Heating Body Wrap is both relaxing and nourishing, with a range of minerals and vitamins to boot.

The chocolate body wrap is also bundled in the Couples Retreat option, which combines a foot ritual, body wrap, scalp massage, and a body massage into a full day spa package.

Location: The Kingsley, Victoria Cross, Cork, T12 P680

Price: [exchangerate rate="EUR"]60[/exchangerate].

Book: Click here to book. Don't forget flights too - the London to Cork (COR) route is served by Ryanair, British Airways, Aer Lingus, and SWISS, with the journey taking around 1½ hours.

Lotus Spa (Princess Cruises; Worldwide)

Modern cruise ships are like floating cities with all the services you would expect from any bustling metropolis. Dozens of restaurants, Broadway-style theatre productions, bars, nightclubs, entertainment districts, and most importantly for us, full-service spas.

When I'm not dreaming of chocolate, my other passion is cruise ships. And one cruise line seems keen to indulge in both my passions - Princess Cruises. In collaboration with chocolatier Norman Love, Chocolate Journeys is a programme of events designed to satisfy the sweetest of teeth. You'll find chocolate cookies and desserts in the cafés and restaurants, Norman Love chocolates to buy in the shops, you can join a chocolate and wine tasting experience, or you can head to the Lotus Spa and treat yourself to the Chocolate Body Indulgence treatment.

Available in either a 75-minute or far more tempting 100-minute variant, the treatment includes a chocolate body scrub, a whipped chocolate body mask, and a relaxing massage with chocolate-scented oil.

Location: On selected Princess Cruises ships worldwide.

Price: [exchangerate rate="USD"]195[/exchangerate] to [exchangerate rate="USD"]259[/exchangerate] depending on duration.

Book: Click here to book°.

Just so you know, the prices were correct at the time of writing, and may or may not include taxes, resort fees, or service charges. Things change, and so might the prices. Use them as a guide only and confirm the total cost with the location directly.

Would you love a chocolate massage? Do you know of any other businesses I have missed that also offer chocolate massages? Let me know in the comments below.

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