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Inside my Pink Raspberry Ruby Chocolate Bonbon

Pink Raspberry Ruby Chocolate Bonbon Recipe

Ruby chocolate has been around for a while, and I've seen many applications of it, from simple slabs of chocolate and hot chocolates through to bonbons and patisserie delights. When I first tasted Callebaut's RB1 ruby chocolate, I commented "I...

Inside my Ruby Chocolate Eclairs

Ruby Chocolate Eclairs Recipe

Let me begin by saying I had never made choux pastry before today. Nor had I made Crème Pâtissière, nor had I piped, nor had I topped chocolate eclairs. So, this is certainly not my finest work but as a...

Chocolate Box

Luxury Chocolate at Fortnum & Mason°

Founded in London's Piccadilly in 1707, Fortnum & Mason has become a British icon, supplying luxurious food and drink to discerning clientele across the globe. Besides their famous F&M hampers, Fortnum & Mason also stock a large chocolate collection, from truffles and Napolitains to seasonal and novelty chocolate, as well as a range of chocolate bars and assorted chocolate boxes.

Shop at Fortnum & Mason°

Light and fluffy Milk Chocolate Mousse

Simple & Easy Milk Chocolate Mousse Recipe

As I rummaged through my goody box of home baking ingredients from LemonVanilla, the MASSIVE 1kg bottle of Colac Chocolate Topping Sauce got me thinking. What do you make that benefits from a drizzle of chocolate sauce? Other than ice...

All Bar None Hamper

Chocolate Bars Galore at Montezuma's°

Lawyers turned self-taught chocolate makers, Helen and Simon set up Montezuma's, a company producing ethical chocolates. They produce a selection of chocolate truffles, hot chocolates, and other chocolate treats, as well as a range of gifts for all occasions. Their chocolate bars range includes contemporary flavours alongside milk, dark, and white chocolate options.

Shop at Montezuma's°

Chocolate Fudge Welsh Cakes Recipe

Chocolate Fudge Welsh Cakes Recipe

New home-baking ingredients supplier LemonVanilla challenged me to find a novel use for Chocolate Fudge Brownie Pieces. They reckon these small cubes of chocolate fudge are ideal for adding to cakes, ice cream, desserts, in hot chocolates, sprinkled on milkshakes,...