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Nestlé relocating head office to Gatwick

Nestlé UK is to move its head office to Gatwick in West Sussex after being based in Croydon for 40 years.

The confectionery company which produces Kit Kat, Smarties, Aero, Yorkie and Quality Street decided to make the 15-mile journey after it wasn't able to find new offices for its 840 head office employees in Croydon.

Paul Grimwood, Nestlé UK & Ireland Chairman & CEO said:

“This move represents an exciting new chapter for Nestlé in the UK. We are investing across the UK to establish our next generation of world class facilities. Our new Head Office will provide a modern, efficient and attractive workplace for our people, in an ideal location.”

Nestlé's took over Rowntree in 1988 and have spent £200million upgrading their York-based confectionery factory.

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