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Bluebasil Chocolate Brownies Selection Gift Box Review

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These award winning handmade chocolate brownies claim to be the perfect gift. Perfect, yes. Gift, certainly not. Once tried there is no way you will be inclined to give them away.

It all starts with a simple cardboard box tied up with blue and beige parcel strings, tagged with an old fashioned luggage label. Unwrap the packaging to let out the powerful smell of cocoa, fruits and spices. Open the box and let the fun start: string, straw, blue and brown tissue papers and finally, large squares of generously proportioned brownies with a little decoration on the top of each one.

Bluebasil Chocolate Brownies Selection Gift Box

70% dark chocolate, Jersey-sourced butter, eggs and flour from near Bluebasil headquarters, with Divine fairtrade chocolate chunks - the combination makes for a gooey, fudgy, moist and squidgy texture. Oh, did I forget to say how light they are, too?

Boxes contain 9, 12 or 16 pieces and there is a choice of flavours: Classic Chunky Chocolates, Banoffee, Chunky White Chocolate, Hazelnut, Chocwork Orange, Cardamom, and a delicious Cappuccino one with its coffee chocolate, milk and a delicate hint of vanilla. Though very chocolatey, the flavouring comes through easily on all of them with nothing too wacky nor outrageous.

Not willing to take solely my own word for this review, I very reluctantly passed them around. It didn't take long for the feedback on the hazelnut brownie to arrive: "If I had one criticism, it's that this tastes too good," said Kerry who had agreed to help, so to prove his point we went on doing further tasting.

Bluebasil's chocolate brownies

With each flavour demonstrating the same consistent quality, no wonder Bluebasil brownies won the Great Taste Gold award for the last two years running. With nothing left in the box, a U-turn was in order: these gourmet brownies really do make for the perfect gift, and the little devil wedged on my shoulder whispered that I could always send them.... to myself.

Available from

  • £14.50 for 9 brownies (+P&P)
  • £17.50 for 12 brownies (+P&P)
  • £21.50 for 16 brownies (+P&P)

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