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South Devon Chilli Farm Extreme 60% Dark Chocolate Bar Review

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Go big or go home, as they say. I was looking for a chilli chocolate bar and stumbled across a chilli farm in Devon that produces a huge collection of chilli based products - chilli sauces, chilli growing kits, chilli spice rubs, chilli jams and chutneys, and best of all, chilli chocolate.

South Devon Chilli Farm, just outside the village of Loddiswell, is home to a farm shop, a cafe, a plant nursery, and most importantly a kitchen, where they produce plenty of spicy treats.

The Extreme 60% Dark Chocolate Bar is, as the name suggests, the most intense bar they produce. So, what's it like and is it worth buying for a chilli fan?


They could have opted for a fiery red box design but instead went for jet black. The skull and crossbones graphic warns you this isn't for the faint-hearted.

South Devon Chilli Farm Extreme 60% Dark Chocolate Bar Review
This bar takes chilli chocolate to the extreme

The South Devon Chilli Farm logo appears above this, while the text at the bottom lists the flavour notes as "dark, smooth and proper hot".

The reverse of the chunky board box contains an explanation of what's inside, together with the ingredients and nutritional information.

South Devon Chilli Farm Extreme 60% Dark Chocolate ingredients:
Chocolate (99%) (cocoa solids, sugar, soya lecithin (E322), natural vanilla), dried Bhut Jolokia chillies (1%). Cocoa solids: 60% minimum.

The vegan chocolate is handmade at the farm. It may contain traces of milk and nuts. It contains 37% sugars on average too.

South Devon Chilli Farm Extreme 60% Dark Chocolate Bar Review

So, what's this bar all about? Well, the farm takes 60% Belgian dark chocolate and blends it with Devon-grown dried Bhut Jolokia chilli. It's clearly a recipe for success as the bar has been available since 2003.

Bhut Jolokia is famed for measuring over one million on the Scoville Heat Scale. Scotch Bonnet and Habanero have nothing on the Bhut Jolokia, although according to TitleMax, there's around 20 chilli peppers that pack a greater punch, such as the Dorset Naga, for instance.

Even so, 1,000,000 Scoville Heat Units certainly packs a punch, and is amongst the hottest of the hot. It's safe to say this bar is only for the brave (or foolish), and explains why it's known as "proper hot" in Devon.

South Devon Chilli Farm Extreme 60% Dark Chocolate Slabs
Handmade dark chocolate chilli slabs

Open the box and you'll find a plastic bag containing shards of a hand-poured chocolate slab. I was expecting a traditional chocolate bar shape, so was surprised to find thin shards instead. South Devon Chilli Farm call these "chocolate slices" (a cross between a slab and a wafer).

There's a shine to the chocolate, with the trails from pouring molten chocolate still visible. It's rustic, and has its own sense of charm.

The chocolate reveals the classic Belgian dark chocolate aromas, with gentle smokey notes and sweet red berry vibes. The Bhut Jolokia lurks quietly in the background, revealing very little at this stage.

South Devon Chilli Farm Extreme 60% Dark Chocolate Closeup
Are you brave enough for this spicy bar?

On tasting, it's a complete switcheroo. The fiery Bhut Jolokia chilli dominates from start to finish. As soon as the chocolate touches your tongue, the dried chilli gets to work, tingling and numbing your tongue to begin. As you swallow, the spice wallops you at the back of the throat, rolling in waves.

The Belgian chocolate fades into the background. It subtly adds sweet, vanilla, chocolate vibes but is more or less just a vehicle here for delivering an intense kick of chilli.

Into the aftertaste, the intensity of the Bhut Jolokia chilli attacks your tongue and throat for a long while after, numbing your senses. The chocolate notes disappear quickly, by comparison.

It's by far the spiciest chocolate I've ever tasted, and definitely one for spicy food lovers. It brings you out in a cold sweat and leaves your mouth numb. But perversely, it's a sensation that you feel compelled to repeat, albeit in small doses.

This Extreme bar is definitely reserved for the brave, and perhaps the foolish. It's ideal as a prank gift, or as a novelty Christmas or birthday gift for someone who brags they can handle heat. It's also great for chilli pepper lovers and addicts of spicy foods.

If my experience is to go by, it'll take a while to work your way through the 80g box. A little goes a long way if you are snacking on this chocolate.

As a side note, South Devon Chilli Farm recommends adding this chocolate to your next Chilli Con Carne dish, for depth of flavour and an extra spicy kick. Personally, I found that dulled the intensity a little. It was still hot, just not as intense.

South Devon Chilli Farm Extreme 60% Dark Chocolate Bar Review

RRP: £4.35 | South Devon Chilli Farm | Shop now

Have a glass of milk on hand as this chocolate is seriously spicy. The Bhut Jolokia chill attacks your tongue and throat while the Belgian dark chocolate adds a sweet background. This bar is only for the brave (or the foolish), and is likely one of the most spiciest chocolates you'll ever eat in your life.

Score: 4.6

Where to Buy Online

You can buy this chilli-spiked chocolate bar direct from the South Devon Chilli Farm website here (£4.35). It's also available at Rafi's Spicebox (£3.95).

It's also available as part of the Extreme Chilli Hamper on Amazon here°, which also includes bottles of their Reaper chilli sauce and Extreme chilli sauce.

The South Devon Chilli Farm itself is still to bounce back from the COVID restrictions, so the farm shop and cafe a mile away from Loddiswell should hopefully re-open soon.

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Are you brave enough to take on this chilli chocolate challenge? Let me know in the comments how hot you'd go.

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Disclosure: I purchased an 80g South Devon Chilli Farm Extreme 60% Dark Chocolate Bar Review from Gloucester Services for £4.35. I was not asked for a review. My opinions are my own.

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