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Frankly Delicious Raspberry White Chocolate Review

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I'll be honest with you - the only reason I bought this bar was for its bright colour. Advertised on the Frankly Delicious website as a glam-looking neon pink chocolate bar, I couldn't resist popping this into my virtual basket at the same time I ordered my coffee chocolate bar.

Contrary to expectation, it's taken me a while to get through this bar. But it's about time I jotted down my thoughts on it, even though much of it remains uneaten.


The cardboard carton looks sleek and minimalist, with a black and magenta pink colour scheme. There's not much in the way of text on the front of the box except for the product name, Frankly Delicious logo, and the statements that this is single-origin bean-to-bar chocolate.

Frankly Delicious Raspberry White Chocolate Review

On the reverse, there's a brief paragraph explaining this is a white chocolate bar with freeze-dried raspberries to create a classic pairing. As I noted on my coffee bar review, there's no mention about the work that goes into making this bar (other than it's made in the UK), and this again feels like a missed opportunity.

There's also a brief introduction to the Frankly Delicious ethos, and a statement explaining Frankly Delicious contributes to the Global Goals movement.

Once again, the ingredients list for this 60g bar is minimal - and that's the way it ought to be!

Frankly Delicious Raspberry White Chocolate ingredients:
Organic cocoa butter, soya powder, British sugar, raspberry powder.

Unlike the coffee white chocolate bar, this one doesn't contain any dairy products so is suitable for vegans. This bar is produced in a kitchen that handles nuts and milk. There's no nutritional information either on the box or on the website.

Frankly Delicious Raspberry White Chocolate Review

To give you some context, here's what I expected:

Frankly Delicious Raspberry White Chocolate Bar
Photo credit to Frankly Delicious

Unlike the vivid pink bar pictured on the website, the reality is more of a pinky-brown colour.

Frankly Delicious Raspberry White Chocolate Bar
My Frankly Delicious Raspberry White Chocolate Bar

I was expecting neon pink and so the sludgy brown colour was a bit of a let down.

I quizzed Frank on it and it appears there might be some oxidisation issues here, plus his photographer might have spent too much time in Photoshop ramping up the saturation of the product shot. It's a shame, as I could look at that neon pink bar all day long.

The bar itself has a nice gloss to it although it has a matt feel on the surface. It boasts a crisp snap.

Like the colour, the aroma of this bar is difficult to describe. There's a faint hint of raspberry but there's dominant notes of oats and brown bread in here.

The taste is just as peculiar. Again, the raspberry tries desperately hard to come through but is masked by an unpleasant savoury flavour. It's difficult to pinpoint exactly what this unusual flavour tastes like. It sits somewhere between brown bread and brown rice.

The chocolate melts as it ought to, but the flavour doesn't sit right for my liking.

Inside the Frankly Delicious Raspberry White Chocolate Bar
Inside the raspberry chocolate bar

Frank reckons the unusual taste derives from the soya powder in the bar, designed to negate the need for dairy milk so as to make this bar suitable for vegans. Having not tasted soya powder on its own, I don't have a reference point to work from here.

I loved Frank's coffee chocolate bar and I desperately wanted to love this one too. It had so much promise. The fact that this four-ingredient bar is made from scratch in small batches should be applauded, as should the ethos behind the brand.

While the look isn't quite what I had expected, it's the flavour that I'm not keen on at all. The soya in the recipe dominates the raspberry flavour so the zingy, lively characteristic I craved just wasn't there. Very few chocolate bars in my possession last long, but I fear this one will take a long while to work through.

Frankly Delicious Raspberry White Chocolate Review

RRP: £5.95 | Frankly Delicious | Shop now

It was disappointing not to find a brightly coloured bar inside the sleek board box. The raspberry flavour is clouded by the flavour of the soya powder, muddling its potency. While some might enjoy this bar, it's not my favourite and I'd much rather munch on Frank's coffee chocolate bar all day long.

Score: 2.2

Where to Buy Online

It might not be my favourite bar in the world, but you might enjoy it. You can buy the raspberry white chocolate bar directly on the Frankly Delicious website here (£5.95).

Have you tried this bar? Leave a comment below with your thoughts on this flavour combo.

Disclosure: I purchased a 60g Raspberry White Chocolate bar from Frankly Delicious for £6.67. I was not asked for a review. My opinions are my own.

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