Chocolatier > Venchi tries the best hot chocolate drinks in London

January 18 2013

One good thing about a cold snap – it offers a very good excuse indeed to indulge in a hot chocolate – the perfect comfort drink for winter weather. The day when ‘hot chocolate’ meant simply a teaspoon of mass-produced, sweetened cocoa powder mixed with hot water are long gone. Nowadays, chocolatiers around London offer a range of hot chocolates to drink. Ingredients range from melted chocolate to cocoa powder […]

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Review: Venchi Chocolate Cigar – Nougatine

June 22 2011

Made in Italy by Venchi chocolatiers, these chocolate cigars have been modelled on the Cuban smoke and are very realistic indeed. Tightly-rolled bundles with a red and gold tag which immediately gives an impression of class. These are novelty items on which you can rely as a presents. Since producing the original, an cigar with candied orange center, the range has expended to include another 2 different flavours: Meringue and […]

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Review: Venchi Pure Extra Dark Bar 85%

April 5 2011

Venchi positions itself in the market as an “atelier of confectionery art whose aim is to transform cocoa in an extraordinary experience”. It may be so but make no mistake this is an artisan outfit with an industrial infrastructure. The company distributes its chocolates as far as China and the States. 85% ranks extremely high on the cocoa content scale. At that level, the chocolate is bitter but surprisingly, this […]

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